The Crazy Millionaire SCAM – Don’t Buy It!

LOL – The Crazy Millionaire is HILARIOUS!

I just checked this product out and what a complete pile of stinking BS. I mean seriously, does anyone believe this crap? I guess people do otherwise they wouldnt be making money from it.

Let me tell you how this works… you sign up, pay a couple of $100 for your domain and hosting (the hosting company pays this douchebag a commission) and then he gives you a free website that he claims cost him $2,500.

What the truth?

The website didn’t cost him $2,500 in fact it didn’t cost him anything. Sales pages like this prey on people who are newbies to internet marketing and might actually believe that a website costs $2,500, but in reality they don’t, at least not basic ones like this!

I have seen this sales page before, but unfortunately I can’t remember who the guy behind the product is, but one thing you should know is that the voice on the sales page is simply a voice actor, that is not the creator of this system.

Scam – Avoid It!

The Crazy Millionaire is a scam. If you buy into this crap you won’t make any money, I guarantee that. Also, this guy isn’t going to pay you any money if you fail like he claims, you will be left wondering why you fell for it in the first place.

My Recommendation

Look, this industry is full of scams, but fortunately there are a few good guys out there. I will update this page shortly with my recommendation for making money online.

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EZ Cash Creator Review

One thing you’ll learn about me from reading my reviews is that I don’t take any bull sh#t.

EZ Cash Creator is a huge pile of stinking BS.


I’ve been doing my research on this product and I’ve come across some pretty wild things. For starters the product isn’t even new. The creator Travis Stephenson has just taken one of his old products and rebranded it. Oh yeah, that’s another thing the creator is called Travis Stephenson, don’t believe the fake name.

Secondly the product isn’t even good. It’s a piece of sh#t software claiming you can get rich with these automated piece of sh#t websites. Sorry for my language but this type of stuff makes me mad and I’m sure it does for you too. Do you really think it’s possible to click a button and get rich overnight? I’m guessing you don’t otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

Is it really that hard to create a good product and sell it, rather than a bad one?

Anyway, not only is the product crap but the guy even uses a ton of actors on the sales pages. This makes alarm bells ring, especially when it only took 1 guy 5 minutes to find out they were actors. A quick search on a popular freelance website found the EXACT people you see at the start of the sales page in the video offering fake testimonials for $5.

I’m not sure who is worse the guy hiring or these guys themselves. I even noticed one guy said he would get his family in the testimonial too to make it look more convincing! It’s amazing how low some of these guys will sink just to make $5!


If you buy this product you are either extremely naive and that’s okay or an idiot. Money doesn’t come from using magical softwares like EZ Cash Creator. It’s all BS!

Look I don’t want to offend you here, I want to help you which is why I created this blog in the first place. I’m exposing the scams and sharing what really works.

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It’s legit and awesome!


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